Scottish Conservatives demand Boris to leave for a party with a leader who said the prime minister’s position was “unsustainable”

Scottish Tories in open rebellion, demanding that Boris leave for a garden party with leader Douglas Ross that the prime minister’s position is “unsustainable”

  • The Prime Minister admitted that during the lock-up in May 2020 he took part in Garden “Party” No. 10
  • Conservative leader north of border Douglas Ross called Prime Minister’s position “unsustainable”
  • He was supported by his predecessor and prominent Johnson critic Ruth Davidson

The Scottish Tories were in open rebellion last night as they put pressure on Boris Johnson to quit.

Their leader north of the border, Douglas Ross, said the prime minister’s position was “unsustainable” after he admitted to attending a Downing Street party during the lock-in.

“Yesterday I said that if the Prime Minister attended this event in Downing Street on May 20, 2020, he could not continue as Prime Minister, so unfortunately I must say that his position is no longer sustainable,” he told STV News.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross leads calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross leads calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign

“Yesterday we had to answer one simple question, actually from Monday night, when we saw this invitation for more than 100 people who asked them to join the others in Downing Street Gardens and bring their own booze.

“If the prime minister was there and acknowledged it today, then I felt he could not continue.”

His predecessor, Ruth Davidson, a prominent critic of Mr. Johnson, supported Mr. Ross. She said of his comments: “Hard talk. But the real one. “

Jackson Carlaw, another former Scottish Conservative leader, also demanded that Mr Johnson leave with other Conservative SMEs.

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson (pictured with successor Douglas Ross in 2021) said that although it was a “difficult call”, she felt it was “right” to resign.

He wrote on Twitter: “Because the prime minister has now confirmed that he attended a rally-breaking rally, he has lost the country’s confidence, so I believe Douglas called correctly and that the prime minister should resign.”

At a meeting with SMEs last night, Mr Ross told them that Mr Johnson had told him that he could not guarantee that there would be no further revelations.



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