Tips and Tricks to Make Good Photos of Babies

For those of you who wish to make good photos of your baby, you need to know tips and tricks on how to do so. You can also contact a professional photographer, such as the newborn photography Richmond Hill that specializes in taking pictures of babies, to help you in taking the photos. Here are some of the tips and tricks you need to know:

1. Do not hesitate to immortalize ultra-close ups, even if need to take his hands, his eyes or his legs alone.
2. Use a short telephoto lens. Do not use a wide angle lens (Focal length between 14-35mm) and then shoot it from close range. This will distort the baby’s shape. It is better to use a short telephoto lens of 85-135 mm. In addition to baby lens is also very good to capture portrait in general. Using prime or fixed lenses will be better because it usually has a wider aperture (ex 1.8) than the zoom lens (ex. 4) and is able to produce a very charming bokeh. Images generated from prime lenses are more sharp and quality, but the price is quite expensive.
3. Use B / W and Grayscale modes. Do not hesitate to shoot in black and white or grayscale mode. The resulting image will look elegant and classy.
4. The baby will be very easily distracted or easily switch attention. When you get the right moment, immediately take the picture so as not to lose the moment. Therefore, always carry the camera near you.
5. Involve others and other things. Use mother or dad’s help to hold her position such as holding or posing together. If necessary, invite him to play with his favorite toy. Invite him to communicate and make eye contact and often perpetuate the picture because he will continue to grow quickly.
6. Sleeping moments are also a good time to take pictures. Arrange the background to look neat, if necessary sleep him with a good textured foundation or a funny bed, use a cute costume before he sleeps. Often photos produced during sleep will be very dramatic.

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