A Good Friend to Eat An Ice Cream

Dessert on Chick Fil A Ice Cream seems to be worth a try. Especially when it’s summer and you need something fresh with the family. Dessert of Chick Fil A not only serves ice cream. You can eat it with other cookies or snacks.

It’s not a new thing to eat ice cream always needs a good friend. It feels there is something less if you just eat ice cream while you want to chat with friends long. Some people choose a friend to eat ice cream, but you should know what foods will make ice cream more delicious to enjoy.

– Lava Cake and Brownies
Two of these cakes include the chocolate cake are a cake that is not too sweet because it is processed using dark chocolate. To get them, you have to go to the pastry shop. Because these two cakes are not too sweet, it is suitable to be eaten with ice cream, especially vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream gives you an unusually sweet sensation on both cakes. Especially if you buy brownies are still fresh from the oven, ice cream vanilla cold will melt like a cream that coats the cake.

– Chocolate Chip
Choose the most common chocolate chip cookie you eat to make it more familiar. With this round brown biscuit, you can make a super-delicious ice cream biscuit. Ice cream that is not too sweet can compensate for the sweet taste of the biscuit. You can try raisins, cookies & cream, or salted caramel. After that, put two tablespoons of ice cream or half a scoop of ice cream under the surface of the biscuit, then pile it with one more biscuit.

– Waffle and Baked Bread
In addition to cheap, easy to find, and pretty make fulfill, serving bread with ice cream will be more delicious if the fresh bread has been baked or burned first until half burned. Ice cream that fits perfectly with toast is green tea or mocha flavor.