Steak Sauce You Should Know

Before baking, meat is usually smeared with spices like salt, spice pepper and smeared with butter or olive oil. After that, just given a steak sauce. Sauce selection is certainly tailored to the meat in the order. The tasty taste of grilled meat tastes better with the right sauce. Sauce suitable for steak Sirloin, of course, different from Chicken Steak, sauce that is available at the Mushroom Sauce, Black pepper, and Blue Cheese. Mushroom Sauce or mushroom sauce consists of champignon slices and shitake mushrooms that taste creamy, savory, and slightly sweet. Like Spicy? Pick a Black Pepper Sauce that tastes typical of black pepper. If you want a different Bernaise sauce with tasty tarragon taste tasty on the tongue. Want to feel how the best Steak is? You can come to 54th Street Happy Hour.

You will find many surprises and additional menus that will get you the perfect service for this one. Because with you eating at this restaurant is great to combine your friends and create an atmosphere like a BBQ show. Lots of Classical American cuisine that you can find on Happy Street 54th Street. Some of them are like chicken wing menu, nachos, and mozzarella dip. You can find freshness with drinks provided by the restaurant.

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