Consider This Before Nailing

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Some things to consider before you nail your wall are:

– Make sure that the spike you use is a special nail for the wall

– Dip a wall nail into eating oil or cooking oil
This will help spikes into the wall more easily, even if your walls are hard.

– Use wall tape that you want to nail, or use plastic at the end of your nails
This will prevent walls from breaking or cracking when in the nail.

The most common mistake made by most people in general is when nailing randomly at an irregular point. As a result, the wall becomes perforated everywhere without being able to re-fitted nails.

In addition to information for you, if your wall material is less qualified, then do not just nail straight away. Make sure first if the area of the wall is given with vinegar spray as much as two to three spoons. Wait for the vinegar to dry out, then you can apply it. If you just go straight to it, it will most likely make your wall crack.

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